Hydra AMS - Enhanced Bambu Lab AMS

Hydra AMS on Printables

Hydra AMS is an enhanced drop-in main body replacement for the Bambu Lab AMS, a multi filament companion to the Bambu Lab X1, X1C and P1P printers. The Bambu Lab AMS internals are used, you just need to move over the parts; the four feeder motors, the rear motor, the front and rear rollers, the RFID boards and the main board as well as the PTFE tubing and cables.

The main changes / improvements over the standard AMS are:

  • Increased spools widths, up to 75 mm, meaning most 1 Kg spools will fit.

  • Adjustable spool rollers in four positions for 120 mm to 205 mm diameter spools (large diameter spools may require a printed TPU lid spacer, just like the normal AMS).

  • AMS feeder / motor mechanism angled five degrees backwards to allow printing of full spools.

  • PTFE enlarged load buttons to both save the funnels and improve ergonomics.


so can we send in our current AMS as a trade in for one of these? barely any of my filament rolls fit in the current AMS - almost all of them keep the AMS door from closing.


No, you print it yourself and change out some of the parts.

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I know :slight_smile: - was trying to make a joke is all. I did check it on printables - if I can get my bambu to work, I might look into it.


am I missing something? when I look on printables, there appears to be only one file - the button - did you remove the other files?


I’m also only seeing one file: hydra-ams-ptfe-load-button-logo-1.0.3mf Well, there is also the 20+ MB PDF file, but nothing else printable.

it looks like its not posted yet - there is some comment from a few days ago saying it was being beta tested and then if it works well should be out this weekend. as there are pics of people with it, it must have been posted at one time - maybe being modified and reposted. or maybe those posting pics are the ones beta testing it.

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I didn’t design this, just stumbled upon it on Printables a few days ago.

He’s got people on Discord testing it for him and apparently it went well. It will be released tomorrow.

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I’m extremely excited to see this come together - I love my X1C, however the AMS has been nothing but hassle - I’ve even struggled with Bambu RFID spools, let alone the utter impossibility of using my beloved Prusament spools. Hoping this will be the upgrade I need - for the want for a few millimetres, the AMS could have been perfect from the get-go, and hopefully this will inspire Bambu for v2 of the AMS!!


What kind of problems have you been having? It’s been pretty solid for me.

But yes, I am very excited for future generations of Bambu Lab hardware given how good the printer is.


My main issue has been the “too snug” a fit for bigger spools, especially Prusament - I have a lot of Prusa filament as I moved from a Prusa Mini to the X1C, and to be quite honest, I love their filaments - so that’s the main one, and it’s all about the too narrow slots. The other issues I’ve had with Bambu spools have been when they are less than 50% full - they appear to be too light, and they just get pulled up into the lid, and then we have horrors.

I’ll be fair - when the AMS works, it’s a delight to behold, however I can’t do without my prusament working !!! :wink:

Fingers crossed for the Hydra, and any future improvements from Bambu themselves!

Fingers crossed for the Hydra, and any future improvements from Bambu themselves!
Das hoffe ich auch.
Dazu noch die Möglichkeit einen RDIF anzubringen um das Filament von Fremd Herstellern automatisch einzulesen. So ähnlich wie es bei Bambu Lab Filamenten auch geht. Nur einmal eingeben und beim erneuten Einlegen erkennen.
(Einlegen, der X1 fragt dich welcher Hersteller, welches Filament, Farbe Temperaturbereich und Plate Temperatur und speichert diese auf den RDIF ab.)
Eigentlich verschenktes Potenzial.

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Hydra AMS version 1.0 has been released

Looks like it’s just new bottom trays that allow for wider filament rolls and additional slots in the rear to move the AMS Driven Support Shaft Assembly to support smaller 250g filament spools.

The instructions look pretty straight forward and not too complicated.


Walkthrough on the print and install process


Did you print and install the Hydra AMS? I finished printing it today and plan on installing it tomorrow. I think I need to file down a couple of the dovetail joints first but everything else looks good. (Couldn’t believe that thing didn’t need any supports. Though for sure it was going to be a mess.)

If you did install it, do you have any pointers or suggestions before I begin?

No, not yet. Been too busy printing prototype parts. But I just got my second X1C yesterday, so the Hydra is on my list now that I have additional throughput.

Should be pretty straight forward based on the comments in the Printables page.

MatterHackers also now sells an official version for $50 for those who want something perfect.

Hydra AMS - Spool Adapter for Bambu Lab Automatic Material Station

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Thanks for the reply. I ordered my second X1CC last week and counting the days until it arrives. I am quickly running out of room in my office. :smile:

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My X1C gets here in two days and I ordered a ABS Hydra mod to go with it. How has everyone’s experience been with the Hydra mod been? Comments in the thread sort of dropped off right as people were printing them. Any gotchas in the replacement process to watch out for? I’ve watched the videos and it doesn’t look like it will be that hard. Thanks for any replies.

I just took a look at the Hydra insert and it seems to enable wider spools? Does it do anything else? I’m not sure.
I guess the first thing that comes to mind is, do you need it? I bought a bunch of overture/polymaker 1kg filaments and they seem to fit fine. I printed more bambu-style spools with an internal spacer and transfer from the cardboard spools. I would make sure that the spools that you’ll be using need the Hydra’s more accommodating space, otherwise it seems like it’s not necessary.

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It is also more accommodating for the smaller spools. However, unless you plan on buying a lot of these smaller spools, it’s not worth the hassle of printing it out and installing it. The remnants of my Hydra are sitting in my closet because I didn’t have the heart to throw them out after unassembling it from my AMS.