I can't get Ninjatek Armadillo to print on my P1S to save my life

Anyone have experience with the P1S and Ninjatek Armadillo? I have been running a file using Armadillo on my P1P for the last 2 weeks with no issues but as soon as I try to run the same file using the same settings the extruder on the P1S will jam after like 3 layers of print have been laid down.

When I pull out the jammed filament I can see where it has been ground down by the gears and the end is bulged to about 1.95mm in diameter. I thought maybe there is heat creep in the nozzle assembly and the filament is getting soft and bulging but everything seems to be working fine with the heatbreak fan, I have the cover off the printer and the door open so really everything is identical to the P1P that works perfectly.

My thought now is maybe there is some unseen issue with the extruder assembly I am not thinking of to check. I have tried adjusting the tension screw but that has changed the outcome.

I think now I will try moving over the working extruder assembly from the P1P to the P1S and see if it works ok there.


p.s I checked the filament diameter and it is a consistent ~1.78mm range