IDEA - Cutting printing time and filament usage with AMS

This video has very good ideas that all can use right now - however it also suggests a slicer development that is logical.

There is a clear weakness of the AMS system in the changing of colors, and the poop function - there should be a 3rd option in the slicer that is between print by object and by layer.

If you could print multiple layers per color (object/color/Area/layer) you would reduce AMS changes by the number of lines - 2 lines would cut things in half and would likely work on 90% of prints, and for many prints the colors are separated enough that you might not have to change filament more often than any 10 lines


I agree, this would be a great functional improvement.

The linked video mentions locating the parts to avoid interference with the print head; is can the s/w determine this?

I’m guessing not and it has to be eyeballed, in which case a lovely improvement would be to implement these smarts into the s/w.

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YES YES YES such a great idea !

@NoahKatz I think this is already implemented as Print per Object option.

@user_2438169925 This is an underestimated idea, this has great potential halving filament & time waste!

Would love to see this implemented by the BambuLab devs, this could be another game-changing step to their AMS, fixing the only big issue there is left with this printer.



The print by object is what is shown in the video, but if you print one object (or multiple) with color changes then you change color for each layer, whereas you should be able to get away with printing multiple layers between color shifts by zoning the print.

I’ve watched the extruder during a purge, It currently does zero retraction before it does the cut.
I think without any changes to slicing or hardware, they could retract “X” mm of cold filament from the heatbreak before they cut which would dramatically reduce the waste.

If they worked with E3D to make a revo Nozzle+Heater for it they could achieve the same heat transfer in half the volume.

This means we could retract 10mm more of cold filament before they cut and reduce the purge volume by half.

Not to mention making nozzle swapping easier.

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What do you mean by zoning the print?
How do you do that?

One other thing I have learned since my original suggestion and that I think should be possible is to only use the break away filament on horizontal layers, as it is time consuming and expensive to use the inter-phase filaments on verticals and it brings very limited benefit on mist prints