Ideal plate for printing TPU (adhesion is either too high or too low)


TPU is very versatile and prints very well on the X1 (especially TPU HF from Bambu).
But, there is one problem: I have not yet found the ideal plate for printing.

-glue stick → is a NoGo for me. I will not even try to mess around.
-Engineering plate → not enough adhesion, even when heated to 60°C
-Cool Plate / Hot plate → way too much adhesion, prints with large area can hardly be removed. Using ethanol helps, but there is always a risk to damage the plate.

How do you print TPU?

I use whatever works, which has been engineering, smooth and textured PEI plates. All with glue, because using it is much easier than messing around trying to remove a print without glue. That is probably why Bambu recommends glue.

Flat out refusing to do what is necessary reminds me of this door sticker:

Give FR10 a chance :slight_smile:
Also available as G10 or matching your printer as TK99.
A resin/fibre board that is heat cured, same material is used for circuit boards.

You will need to use clamps but it works rather well with most tricky filaments that struggle on PEI or need adhesives/release agents - just print on the bare plate.
Of course you have to make sure the plate is properly cleaned!
Ethanol or IPA first, than a sponge and soapy water, rinse under running water and dry with a lint free cloth, preferably microfibre.
You crank your bed temp as high as you like, FR10 / G10 / TK99 is good for around 300 degrees Celsius…

I use the textured build-plate and have NEVER used glue.

I use both standard TPU and high-flow TPU and have no problems with either or removing from the build-plate.