Identifying hot-end connector on P1s

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what type of connector [pic below] is used on the hot end of the p1s for the heater and thermistor?



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Custom press-fit slide, over, board looks like they are soldiered through and through for the CAM male receiver on the female receiver board I don’t see a pin out that matches, wonder if anybody has mapped the pinouts yet, its custom for that specific layout though

Thank you your reply. I should have made it clearer : I’m really only interested in what the make/model plug/socket are, how they’re mounted and cabled doesn’t matter to me, although I already know the pin outs for the heater.

Did anyone ever answer? I’ve been looking for the connector name as well.

I never found out specifically. I found similar connectors on Alibaba. Not even Bambu were able to tell me what it’s called, so as I just needed the female end of the connector, I ordered the board that it mates with and removed the connector from that. I believe the connector type is called a Mezanine connector if that helps.