If I were Banned, can I still use my printer?

As writed here, https://forum.bambulab.com/t/banned-for-1-year-only-because-i-was-on-holiday/ yesterday my account was banned and I don’t know why…
By the way, yesterday evening I try to sent print to the printer but it say “error 403 Forbidden” when i press the “print” button. I checked the “Bambu service” and everithing look up and working. I Press the button “send to the printer” and it work well, so i started the print from the printer.
This morning I try to made another attempt from work, so i open bambu lab from both phone and pc, but the printer result offline.
Did they remove my printer from the cloud because of the ban?
The printer is turned on Offcourse

You can still use your printer in LAN mode. Even create a new account, but I don’t know how they will handle your account as long you don’t upload anything except browsing and printing. Should be fine.

Maybe @MakerWorld knows more.

Before I entered my details on the printer I was able to connect via the code it provided when logged out. Is that possibly still the case?

I can imagine you’d lose access to your online account services if you were banned. Making another account may also be seen as a way of thwarting the ban as many other platforms dislike that. I would wait for them to reply on how your account will be handled first?

I have read your troubles from the other thread. I will not comment on that.

If you have been banned to the point you cannot use the printer anymore, that brings up two points.

  1. Whatever you were banned for, must be something far more significant than you have shared or was shared with you.

  2. You purchased a product, and depending on your country, the supplier has legal obligations to ensure that the product keeps functioning throughout its reasonable life span. Stopping you from using it would breach this obligation and be legally nightmarish for them.

Your lack of printing may be a coincidence, I would search out a solution ignoring your issues with BL first before introducing that into the equation.

Reboot everything in the chain. Log out and log back into everything.

If you bought the printer and rightly believed the cloud service was part of the product, they shouldn’t be able to remove that. They could remove you from the MakerWorld site and the benefits it gives and that is unlikely to be considered part of the original product.


offcourse @MakerWorld don’t answer…
Rightnow I create a new account only for use the printer… I hope they don’t ban this.
I will not update any model to this accout, cos i’m moving in other platform

Hello, sorry for the delayed response as we were investigating the issue. We originally restricted banned accounts from printing on MakerWorld to prevent potential cheating with print counts. As we implemented more precise risk control strategies over time, we neglected to remove this outdated restriction. We will lift it in our next update. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


thank’s for your answer, I already create a new account and I hope I don’t will be banned for this.
By the way, because my account is banned I can’t also download the file (but i can if i made the logout) maybe you need to check also this rules

I think the response time is fine! Thx for taking care!

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