If purchase "Bambu Labs AMS Hub" can I hook up backside spool holder?

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This might be an olympic level Darwin question but…
If I purchase the “Bambu Labs AMS Hub” can I hook up the backside single spool holder and run a fifth roll of filament from the back? :+1: :partying_face: :+1:

While at it,
I’m wonder if I should purchase a handfull of spare/replacement parts at the same time, is there something you recommend I should get?
(I’m peeking at an extra “hardened hotend assembly 0,4”, “AMS Hub” and “Hardened Steel Extruder Unit”)

Also is it of any use to purchase a 0,2 and/or 0,6 and/or 0,8 hotend assemblys?
(As in it works so super awesome with the mounted 0,4 hotend that I read somewhere it works better than the alternative sized hotends so people should just get more of those, cant find the thread right now tho…)

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No, you cannot print from both the AMS and a separate spool. This has been suggested but would require new hardware as there’s no way to retract/reload the separate filament. If all the filaments you want to use work in the AMS, buy a second AMS (and a hub)!

I suggest sticking with the stock .4mm for now. You are unlikely to see much benefit from smaller, and a larger nozzle is mainly useful for speeding up large prints where detail isn’t as important.


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Somebody recommended gettin the upgrade AMS-hub for that very purpose, however I could not read between the lines wether he guessed or knew from experience that would be the best solution for the 5th roll conundrum. Your feedback clarified this completely, thanks mate! :+1: :smiley: :+1:
(Would’ve been a doozy tho if it’d been possible to hook up one of them large-jazz 3-ton filament rolls! )

Thanks for the shopping advice also mate!
I screwed with confidence, no sorry thats the pc-build YT-video, I shopped with confidence after your feedback. Even stacked a few more things in there, haha :+1: :partying_face: :+1:
People talk a lot about this proprietary thing surrounding BLabs and my “Swenglish” sux so I imagine a few details gets lost in translation? I just want some spare parts so I can feel @ ease, comfy and not worry to get stuck if I need a spare part… you prolly already got a grip on the angles on this topic tho mate. :thinking:

I put the 0,4 hardened hotend in the shoppingbasket, also both type gluesticks, the hardened steel extremity unit, a nozzle wiper and Silicon socks… (I wanted the 3.99euro spares for the hotend, both of them, butt theyre unfortunately out of sock.)

It’ll b interesting 2 C how fast the Cart arrives @ my doorstep :smiley:

May the force b with you mates!
And hey, thanks again Holmes4 - you the MAN!

There’s no point in ordering the hub until you buy a second AMS.

You get several replacement wipers with the printer. I have yet to need replacing one.


BUT… If i want print eg. TPU - and have 4port Hub (with at last one port free) - can I un-select “use AMS” and put that filament in spare free hole in a hub?
Or I cannot, because “hub detect filament, whitch shouldnt be here” and only option is detach hub, and put filament in ptfe directly?

You CAN do that, but that means pushing the filament farther. I just disconnect the tube where it enters the printer as it’s easy to reach. Some people put on a “splitter” - a Y-connector that lets you leave the hub tube connected, but that seems more trouble than it’s worth to me. Also, with TPU, it will be more difficult to feed through the extra turns. I just did several TPU prints yesterday, very easy through the printer’s disconnect.

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Works perfekt
No problem!

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Yo mate, would you mind sharing that spool holder with ptfe connection in your last picture? :smiley:


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Lots of good info in this thread:

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Don’t try to use the AMS with TPU. Lots of trouble ahead. Bambu does not recommend this. Me neither… Iam using TPU solely from the external spool. Capricorn tubes are of not advantage. They have a different inner diameter and may be detrimental in usage. There are people using them, but I do suggest to use what Bambu uses (2.5 mm ID)

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Just providing info from other threads that are already answering questions, without saying “use the search function” as it’s just as easy to provide a relevant topic for the person to read as it is to be a dick and tell them to search, I don’t want this forum to turn into that.

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if u want to use regulary a non AMS compatible spool and you have no issues with manual loading that spool just try a fillament splitter and some 4mm ptfe tube for easy loading/unloading without disconnecting the ams ptfe everytime …


Capricorn tubes are of not advantage. They have a different inner diameter and may be detrimental in usage.

Not an advantage ? detrimental ? Could you give some more precision please ?

This is exactly because they have a thiner inner diameter and are more slipery that they are more suitable for flexible filament, and specially on bowden printers. Wich in some way the AMS is, a bowden extruder… it extrude filament out of the AMS to feed the (DDrive) Bambulab printer.

By letting less space to the filament to be curved inside the PTFE tube, this means that when you push 100mm of filament in a carpicorn tube, you filament flexible or not will advance by 100mm (well ok nearly), obviously on a 400mm tube, this effect can be important and lead to problems.

Sure TPU is NOT recommended but as sure as it can be improved and we already know that some TPU dont produce any problem.

What I really prefer in 3d printing (and other scientific domain) is experimenting, understanding, searching ! and find solutions that others say are not possible. I often talk with different manufacturer in differents technical domain. Like with Bondtech for their CHT Nozzle (I can tell you that they will keep an eye on the Bambulab ;))

So yes at first TPU is absolutly not recommended but it is IMHO good to try to look a bit farther than just saying “no dont do this” or “no it is not possible” unless it is absolutly impossible or really dangerous…

As another example, that was only few days ago on Lightburn forum, I explained a way to remotly control any USB laser or CNC with USB camera (or obviously a USB 3D Printer) via network (LAN/Wifi) really easily by using USB over IP, that just after a Lightburn Support manager answer “No it is not possible” to a people asking how to remote controle its laser with Lightburn… The solution I explained makes a lot of propriotary devices & software obsolete… (unfortunatly some opensource too :/)

Original post:

Rectified answer :wink:

Well all that to said that, years ago, tens of peoples was saying me, no you can not print flexible with bowden printer, or the result will look ugly, etc… until I stop asking and did my own tries & error and finally realize that peoples that was answering to my question was just peoples that was repeating words without never checking/testing in real life.


I’ve tried using a back spool, and yeah, it worked printing a job with ams disabled etc.
When the job was done and i wanted to go back to AMS printing, i could not unload the filament from the P1P display, as it stated AMS unloading unsupported …
So i had to disconnect the AMS, powercycle the machine, unload the filament, reconnect AMS, powecycle machine
Is there a better way to get this done?

I have an X1C, not P1P, but I’d be astonished if it was any different here. As you found, there is no unload option in this circumstance - I put in a feature request for it a while back. What I do is make sure the nozzle is up to temp (I use 200 for PLA), then hit the retract button about seven or eight times until the filament is free of the extruder, then pull it out and reconnect the AMS buffer tube. No need to play with the electrical cable.

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Why couldn’t it just prompt you to manually load filament when the external spool was being selected. This would allow you to use TPU with a PLA… print. I like this idea, it would be like the filament run-out sensor detects no filament.

I suppose that’s possible, but it’s not currently implemented.

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I like your external spool holder / PTFE insertion point.
Care to share a link to the model (stl / 3mf)?

Never Mind - I read a bit more and see you have already shared!