If you ever want a jolt of inspiration, this guy

I’ve never before seen such a well executed video:

It beats the DIY voron video hands down. He builds a 3D printer on top of a grill plate.
LOL. Just enjoy the art of it.


You really should watch his other videos. He’s a crazily creative designer/engineer that thinks way outside the box. He’s made his own extruder from scratch called the Proper Extruder. Won a Creality contest with his own self designed dual extruder setup that rocks back and forth. Designed, and was partially successful with, a resin FDM extruder setup. I subscribed to his channel after watching him try to print a car wheel and drive on it :slight_smile:

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With a cool soundtrack like he has, you’d think he was in Austin, Texas, not Norway.

The paint roller for holding the spool is just hilarious. :rofl: