Inconsistent prices in the store

As seen in the images below, when I look at the list of products in the X1 category, I see that the X1C Combo is now on sale for 1499 euros instead of the regular price of 1620 euros. However, as soon as I open the product page, the price increases, and I see that the discounted price is now 1599 euros instead of the original price of 1738 euros. What is the current promotional price then? Is it 1499 or 1599 euros? Is the original price 1620 or 1738 euros, or perhaps 2242183747448 euros? Is everything okay with this shop?

You are not in germany i assume. The price you see is with the 19% german Vat. It changes depending on your location.

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Yes, you see it correctly. I am viewing it from Hungary, where the VAT is 27%. So, the explanation is clear. The only question remaining is why the list page thinks I am viewing it from Germany, while the product page correctly identifies that I am in Hungary, especially since I am logged in and have provided my address. :slight_smile: