Increase build volume by moving nozzle purge/load lines

Currently a print starts by printing a line along the back of the build plate and wrapping wrounf the right hand side. Then a second line is printed along the front edge. These lines reduce the build area unnecessarily. For example, there is no 256mm axis available (except diagonal).

Request: please print these lines along the front edge of the build plate (where the cutter mechanism already reduces the available area). This will provide a 256mm long X axis.
(The front area is already used by the flow calibration, but I believe there’s enough space there to fit everything.)

The purgeline has no effect on buildvolume. You can print over it. It is not an block-area.

It has an effect on build volume in that it prevents me from getting a clean print where the purge lines are. Especially for thin parts or if there is a bridge or overhang in that area it is not something one can just ignore.

:sweat_smile: Just change your Start-GCode. Is a little work but anyone can do that. Changed mine. Moved it from the front to the plate to the right side :grin:

DIY GCode. :grin:

Great! Sounds like a feature request that is trivial for BBL to implement, then.

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Why should BL Do that for you?

It is simple Gcode-scripting. Everyone in the 3D-Print-Community can do that by them self.


BBL should do this right so “everyone” doesn’t have to diff the start-up gcode at every release to find out what changed and merge their changes in.

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Agreed. Double purge is just dumb.

Purgeline is normal. Any Slicer adds one except you modify the Start-GCode. Its an individuel thing. So advance to Level 2 in 3D-Knowledge.

Second Thing is, the X1C uses the “Purgeline” for calibration.