Intermittent Gauges On Inside of Print

I have been printing Bambu Basic PETG with stock settings and have had fairly good results. Sometimes I reprint a part that I previously printed with success, and there are gouges on the inside perimeter (see below). I notice is that while printing, sometimes a blob of filament builds up on the right side of the nozzle. I think this blob is colliding with the inside wall of the print and making the gouges.

If a small blob of filament is building up on one side of the nozzle, does this mean that the nozzle is slightly clogged? I welcome any thoughts to make this problem go away!

Thanks… Richard

PS: Here is a link to the project file: Dropbox - Bambu P1S Top Spacer.3mf - Simplify your life

It means you’re over extruding. If your filament isn’t in a dry box, that may be the reason why.

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Thanks Randy. Just rec’d a filament dryer. I will dry it out and print again. If that doesn’t work, I will try a new roll of filament.

Do you think the over extruding is causing the blob of filament on the nozzle?

When the filament has water in it, when it hits the hot-end, the water expands and forces more filament from the nozzle than the extruder is extruding.

I also see some stringy noodles at the bottom of your print. When filament is damp, if the printer pauses for any reason during a layer, extra filament will be extruded and deposited on the print when the printer resumes.

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Thanks for the explanation. The stringy noodles at the bottom of the print were the result of me pausing the print to clean the nozzle.