Introducing MakerLab Experiments

Great ideas often start from a very inelegant prototype.

MakerLab Experiments is where we invite our enthusiastic users to play around with the immature prototype and witness the long journey from a brainstormed idea to a polished product.

What is your favorite concept of function? Let us know with a comment below


This fingers crossed will be a huge leap in the industry and enables even more creativity within makerworld! Bravo BL! *Clap

Although in prototyping phase we are extremely confident in the process and plan to utilize this chance to help alongside development with feedback. This is simply to awesome to be real in todays world… Great work, can’t wait! :sunglasses:

This is awsome! If it works.

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Yes, as far as I know there isn’t an app that creates 3D models via video formats. The best I’ve used so far simply using an iphone 15 pro max has been Magiscan.

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I’ve had really good results with Kiri Engine, it will even export out the scan as an .stl file.


So far No Bueno.

I uploaded a viedo yesterday but it is stuck at “ETA 1.0 hours” since yesterday afternoon.

The video conversion effect is very good, it’s amazing
But the waiting time is a bit long (because there are too many people using it?)
Also, walking around three times while staring at my phone (because I have to keep the object in the center of the screen at all times) made me a little dizzy. :dizzy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This looks awesome really hope it works

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This feature (along with many of BL’s services) is server based or “Cloud”. therefore it’ll always take time and since it’s a prototype software app I’d assume they’ve only dedicated a small portion of their servers to handle this to trial

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Both 3D to relief sculpture and AI scanner are great ideas. They can attract more people to get into 3D printing.

Although were all for the implantation of apps like these, to achieve true quality I’d still suggest a professional modeler using CAD haha

What video formats are acceptable? I’m trying to upload a .mp4 from my Samsung S21 Ultra and it says “The video type is not supported or the file is broken.”

File is 455mb, so maybe its too big? Had it on 8k/24 FPS…