Is AMS lite useful?

A.very useful
B. Useful but not significant
C. it’s no use

Let’s all choose one.

I find it very useful. I don’t do a lot of multi-color, but having my most-used filaments ready to go is useful. I keep black and white always loaded, and switch out the other two depending on what I will be using for the day. Plus, being able to put up a second spool of a color when one is getting low is very nice. Automated failover just works.
Could I live without it? Sure I could.
Does it make things more convenient for me? Oh heck yes.


I would say that the AMS Lite has made my printing experience a better one.
I have never printed with more than one color at once however. Still working through learning. I believe that switching colors between/during prints with just the single filament holder would become tiresome. The AMS Lite is a very nicely built product as far as I can tell, no spooling/feeding issues, self explanatory when changing filaments, as well as being very quiet.

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I was really excited to start multi colour printing but soon realised the waste and the amount of extra time for fillament changes was not worth it, but like othes have said i really liked having diffrent colours loaded ready to use, my final point is im actually sending mine back with the recall and upgrading to the p1s as the full AMS adds humidty control (but you coukd just build something for the ams lite)

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It’s been great to have such easy multi color prints; always impresses the people when I tell them no painting was needed!

The only downside is the waste (poop) from changing colors; with some models generating incredible amounts of it if it’s got two colors on the same layer across the model.

Hoping we’ll see a Bambulab tool changer in the near future to banish the poop; that or maybe Pursa accidentally ships me a $4000 printer :smiley:

To me - yes. Very useful and worth the purchase if you didn’t get one as a combo kit.

I do not consider the waist as others do. Many are printing useless stuff and do not complain about that waist. I only wish Bambu Labs would come up with an adapter(s) to allow for an additional AMS Lite units.

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A and not just for color changes, the AMS lite can also be used when printing 4 spools of the same color. This comes in handy if you have less than full spools yet need to make a large print. As soon as the printer detects the first spool empty it will auto load another spool. This could also come in handy if you wanted to automate removing the print from the bed and do continuous printing. Very cool feature.
Happy Printing

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As a color change tool B - i rarely use it for multicolour due to severly reducing print speed (understandable, still annoying that it does!)
As convinience - A, no need to get my lazy ass off chair when I decide I need to print in different filament that I already have loaded.

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A. As a hobbist not in a rush , i find its very useful especially as it doesnt need to wait for user input, (which can lead to temp fluctuations, warping, bed cooling , etc,) to carry on with the job, it keeps everything in check as one continuous print

Is AMS Lite Useful?
  • Very Useful
  • Useful but not significant
  • It’s No Use
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Mine just arrived today (got it for $199 during the May discount) for my A1 Mini and … wow! I have been manually swapping constantly between black and white spools, so having them at the ready is a dream come true especially when I’m on the sofa and find something to print, I don’t have to rush to my office and go through the rigmarole of swapping spools. I don’t like “friction” so this is a sanity saver for me! I also want to do multi-color printing (not much, just a few unique things) and this will make that possible.

I don’t know what I’d do without it now! It’s beyond convenient to have.