Is it allowed to 'restrict' profiles on a model?

Screenshot from a model’s page:

I’ve seen enough from this user’s comments and rating responses that I won’t be adding a single +1 to any of their download counts, and I definitely won’t be profiling, but it still seems incorrect for a user to decide their model cannot be profiled.

It is clear they are reporting any profiles made to have them taken down, and they are quite aggressive in the comments against anyone who even dares suggest a tweak.

A reddit thread appeared this morning about it as well.

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my topic is already targeting this:

the designers need more rights. profiles are cool but the designers should decide whether to release profiles and which profiles are shown to the public


Discouraging is not the same as restricting or prohibiting as one can still upload profiles. I don’t think MW can do anything about people asking others not to post profiles.

I don’t see an issue with someone saying don’t do it. If someone wants to load a profile, they will. Red text isnt going to stop someone. As said, MW needs to put better measures in for the maker to dictate if the profile does their creation justice.

I’m a bit on the fence about restricting profiles. I think there’s some weight to letting designers have more control over what profiles are added, as there are obviously issues with people trying to game the system with print profiles.

On the flip side, there’s a lot of stuff that’d fit on an A1 Mini, that doesn’t have an A1 Mini print profile. I had a guy create A1 mini profiles for one of my creations, and he printed everything with photos, and just thank you random dude. Thank you.

Not everyone is going to have that same feeling as me, and I think that can detract some from the community as a whole. There’s a lot of people that use the A1 Mini, that print through their Phone. I’ve talked to some of those people. So having others that do genuinely care and look out for the community as a whole is a big plus, and it seems a shame to block off that side of things.

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I saw the reddit thread as well. I can see the original starting point but they are going about it all the wrong way. As a small time designer I’d like to see some additional options but I would never go as far as the person being discussed.

The question I have is why? Why restrict it? Its already clear if its an original creator profile.

Another user may find something that improves your models printing, which ultimately helps both the people downloading the model, and you as the creator.

As a creator you still get MW points if someone downloads a profile you didn’t make.

There’s a variety of reasons one might care. Some just like to control things. Some are afraid others are going to come in and take points from them. Some are worried about their model being misrepresented by a poorly conceived printer profile (The designer is very capable of making a bad print profile too)

Generally speaking, designers aren’t just engineers that see the world in 0s and 1s. Their designs are their artwork, and artist have a lot of attachment towards the art they create. There’s a lot of folks on here that are very, I don’t know… engineering minded. They don’t see the life, heart, and soul, that people put into their work, because they don’t perceive the world that way.

I think it’s natural for a designer to want to curate the experience of their object. I’m more open than some, but I still get attached to my designs, and I have feelings about the various print profiles that are made for my stuff. I’ve seen how people make junk profiles, but I’ve also seen the value that people can bring.

Although the person this thread is about, I get the impression they’re merely trying to control all the points.


Control freak is the term I think. Ive never seen anyone get so upset by it. Not many people even restrict remixing on functional parts.

It is one of the risks you take when you upload a model here, there is little control (other than reporting a blatant flawed PP) over whats tagged onto it. Having the option to allow/deny external Profiles is a good thing in my opinion, but its not a dealbreaker if its not incorporated into MW.

This person however maybe needs to take their marbles home and move on from here. Its kind of insecure and also a big welcome mat for trolls :grin:

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