Is it normal that the X1CC stops at a normal layer like for 1 second?

my X1CC is doing a very well job! I am quite happy with my printer but I have one question. At a normal layer, my X1CC just stop for like one second. It looks like the printer want to wait one second so that before it prints, the layer cools down a little bit. Maybe also for overhangs… At the end it was a great print. I just ask because of my interest. Has anyone also noticed that?

Yes, mine does that from time to time as well.
But not particularly with prints with overhangs or short layer times. Also on huge prints with no overhangs nor short layer time.
Didn’t bother me so far, just thought it will be probably gone with another fw update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes right… Thanks for your answer!

Not 100% sure but I guess that is happening when video data is been written tio the SD card. If timelapse was enabled, disabled it and try again.

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Yes, that could also be the reason… Good thought!

This could it very be!
I didn’t notice it anymore since I replaced the cheap sdcard with a 256GB UHC2 card.

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I have to try it out! Did bambu also supply us with a sd card? I haven‘t seen a sd card. I have a San Disk 128gb but it still stops.

No, I didn’t receive any card from Bambu…

It might be very likely I just didn’t notice the “lags” anymore… keep you posted if I will see it again.

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