Is the AMS plastic UV protected?

Hi everyone, my X1C with AMS on top is placed by a window which in the morning can get around 1-2 hours of sunlight and I am curious if that could have a negative effect on the filaments inside the AMS thus I wanted to know if the plastic used for the AMS cover is UV resistant and block the UV rays?

Thank you.

According to:

Normal glass (as used in windows) is transparent to UV radiation to a wavelength of about 330 nm (UV-A). The transparency is quite high so almost all UV-A light will pass through glass. Below 330 nm (UV-B and UV-C), almost 100% is block by normal glass.

If someone can identify the material, and therefore susceptibility of the AMS cover to different types of UV, you would have your answer.

Whatever the plastic is, PMMA, HDPE, PC, PET, being the most common clear plastics, 2 hours of UV exposure per day will likely take years to cause a problem. I would not worry about it.