Is there a way to rollback the P1P firmware update?

Just do the calibration with Bambu Studio, this is best way to find out.


after some prints in the last three days since my p1p arrived i want to do flow calibration but i can‘t select a filament in the cali window. So its not possible to cali the flow

Try this

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I checked immediately and it works. After the print i will do the cali.

Ein riesen dankeschön :handshake:

Thanks a lot. That was also my big question mark, why i can’t fulfill the window completely.

Looking forward to doing this tonight - couldn’t print a damn thing.

— Later that night… —
Success. Fantastic. Perfect prints again.
( Extrusion Calibration in Bambu Studio | Bambu Lab Wiki )

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Big Thanks,

I have a question.

Does the software automatically remember each filament setting?
If I have made the calibration with the filament profile for PLA silk and then make for Generic PLA must I then always re-enter the K-value as soon as I change the filament and the profile?

From what I can see, on the P1P you have to make the change yourself when you change filament. I append the K value - if it differs from default - to the filament profile name.

Where do I find this “K Value” ?
I just updated the firmware and now every print is trash…

found it

I’m thrilled to have found this post! It describes my issue exactly!

The weird part is that my P1P updated to the latest version BEFORE I ever made my first print. Everything was coming out great until last night. Suddenly, all of my prints were failing because of this skipping of filament in the layer lines at the very beginning of each line. (I also noticed that along with the skipping of about 1 inch of filament when the new line started, the print head would pause at the end of the previous line for a brief instant and leave a gob there. I think, normally, there is no pause before continuing to the next line.)

Thanks to you contributors to this issue, I found that my Ext. Spool K value was huge. Set K to 0.020 and now I’m back to printing! Phew!