Is there anyone ever used Isanmate (20%) wood filament?

If yes, what are te settings please.

I used it. General PLA settings. A 0.6 nozzle.

Thank You. Did you tried with a .4 nozzle ?

No. In the product description the manufaturer says it will work with 0.4. On Amzon reviews some complained about clogging. Some others said they printed fine and that they used a 0.6 nozzle.
Now decide yourself … :grinning:

Ok, thanks. Have a good day!

Keep in mind that wood is an abbrasive material and hardened nozzle is mandatory.

I will wait for my hardened nozle…

I always get super sringy results with wood pla :frowning_face:
any settings are very much apreciated

What brand of wood PLA ?

While it prited good it does not look very much like wood. (If you ever have seen wood :grinning:) I am a little bit disapointed. I think you can use any brown filament.

I’m using insanmate wood filament. You have to print large surface to see the «wood fill dust» effect. The cool thing (if you have a real wood fill filment) is you can sand it and dye it with wood products (water base one works well)

Hi ! I am using the same filament but I have some problems.
I am trying to print some small part with 0.4 nozzle but I have some clogging problem during mid print and string problem. Do you have some special printing setting ? I can’t do the calibration because Bambulab software has a bug now🥲
If I use some normal PLA I don’t have problem and the quality is excellent .