Issue: Can no longer see suspended modal when attempting to redeem

Used to get a nice pop-up modal here that told me I was suspended from redeeming, and when I’m out of jail. That only works on mobile now, and the browser only shows an error in network tab, doesn’t show any feedback to user that they are suspended/banned/whatever.


Mobile works as expected:

This started with the recent set of changes that occurred in the last few days

I have the same behavior here…

So what I’ve learned so far, unless you have a system message saying your temporary suspended or permanently banned. This error is due to getting points to quick and trying to redeem them to quick, afaik this is a problem that sorts itself out in a couple of days, but you might want to ask support for more details.

I’m still waiting on a ticket response, but I think it’s due to a profile getting popular very quickly, then getting featured, all very very fast resulting in an auto-ban? Not quite sure.

That might be the case. Their automatic system is able to flag you for being suspicious, even though you did nothing wrong. Then you have to talk to the support.

The dialog has been recovered. Thanks for reporting the issue.


I would test for you but I was unsuspended, so I cannot :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same problem, I wrote to support but nothing comes up, so the answers don’t give me the same message. Nothing has happened for over 2 weeks now. are you free to redeem points again?

Yes, after being unpunished by submitting a ticket I have been able to redeem a few times.

I had one instance of needing to wait a few days, but it cleared without any action on my end like it said it would.