Issue with AMS filament retraction/unload jams

I attempted to print a 2 color PLA part using AMS with a .02mm nozzle, and ran into issues with the filament being stuck above the hotend- (i believe it was).

The filament was fattened from heat, and the AMS could not pull it back out. This seemed to occur at about the same layer height on the prints I tried.

Would this mean the nozzle temp is a bit high- or perhaps my cooling fan needs to run more/higher speed?

Thanks for any ideas,

Sounds like the famous heat creep issue.
You didn’t mention which printer model you are using but if it is a model with enclosure then print with the front door open and the top lid removed in order to keep the chamber temperature down

Ah my bad, its an X1C.

Ive been notoriously bad about leaving it shut up when printing PLA, even though it warns me not to. I’ll give it a shot again with the lid off/door open and see.