Issues with overhangs and curves


it seems like I have an issue I cannot really find the reason.
As I’m pretty new (especially to troubleshooting), I hope you can help with your experience.

The issue is especially with prints with curves and overhanging parts:

Before, I already had issues with a smaller print

I now tried the test tower, with the confirmation of an issue:

I assumed it would be an issues with speed on overhangs, so I slowed down, but no change (aborted after seeing the status)

So, do you have an idea what could be an issue?
I already thank you for your hints and thoughts :pray:

I have a P1P with StarTrek self printed enclosure, but no door.
I tested it with different materials already, same behaviour:

  • Extrudr White NX2 PLA
  • Sunlu PLA black
  • Anycubic PLA black

try more cooling and/or lower temps

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As an option - check/change the nozzle. I had same issue before the nozzle tip fell off…

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thanks for the reply.
You mean more cooling with the aux fan?

Hm… This is a direction I haven’t thought in.
Will do a switch and give it a try. Thanks :pray:

Either fan could help

I now was able to test new configuration and the aux fan made a huge difference

Thanks for the hints :muscle:

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