Issues with scale percentage when resizing multiple objects together

The scale percentage will reset to displaying 100% after entering a different value when scaling/resizing multiple objects together on a plate however the scale size will display the correct scaled value.
-All the objects are equal at 100% scale value prior to the multi object scaling (verified one by one):

-Multi object scaling value of 100.6% at X axis entered:

-After confirming value with return the scale% jumps back to 100% while the size value changed by the entered percentage:

-individual objects will be resized correctly and show up with the previously entered 100.6% scaling.

Now I can understand that there are difficulties with displaying a correct percentage value if the multi selected objects had unequal scaling beforehand but there I would prefer to see an advisory/warning message indicating that the selected objects have different scaling percentages and if I anyways enter a new scaling value the system should adjust all the individual ones to that new value and not like it is now add the new scaling percentage value on top of the previous one.
So if one of the 4 objects was scaled individually 100.6% for X and after I scale all 4 together to 100.6% then right now the previously scaled one will be at 101.2% scaling on X and not 100.6.

Hi @Panamon_Creel ,

Maybe I missed the problem., but it seems it works as expected.
Regarding the 100% in multi-part, you can always make an assembly.

I do not see it working “as expected” since I would expect that the percentage would stay at the value I resized at with both single object OR multi objects select and not reset itself to 100% after the size change was done while still on the same resizing function interface ONLY when multiple objects are selected. This difference in UI feedback makes me think the value wasn’t taken so will retry again which will resize on top of the previous one and again will just show 100% after the new value was entered.

Yes good tip with using assemble prior to the resizing so that the resize tool only sees a single object as a workaround.

But the new size is 100% That’s why I like working in the dimension fields. If you want 20mm, insert 20mm. If you want 20.3mm, enter 20.3mm.

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The new size would be 100.6% from the original prior to the resizing action and not 100% and should show as such just like it does when resizing a single object especially if scaling function hasn’t been closed after a resize.
Single Object resizing percentage right right now will also remain after exiting and reentering the scale function however with multiple parts there is a caveat to this:
percentage can only be accurately displayed if all the selected items had the same prior scale percentage and if that’s not the case then a notification indicating this discrepancy would be nice.

Yes sure correction to true size could be used however for applying shrink factors and corrections thereof using percentage is easier.
Granted I could use Orca Slicer where I can add a shrink percentage to the filament profile.
Let me ask you a general question: if you have you enter a new value on a data entry box and the value jumps back to the prior value when you hit enter or exit that data entry box, what would be your first thoughts?

  • All normal my new value are being used
  • did something wrong and need to try again
  • perfect!
  • confused
  • Just another wonderful day
  • …

It doesn’t though. If I cut 3’ off an 8’ 2x4, the new piece doesn’t stay 8’. The new size is 5’. Or 100% of the new size. :wink:

I’ve been doing 3d for over 20 years now, and this is how most 3d applications work in relation to scaling a selection of objects like that. Between scale operations, most will reset back to 100%. This is normal and expected. In maya, It’ll use the values on the last object selected. If you want to retain the scale percentage for a selection of objects, you’ve got to group the objects, so it’s the group that’s getting scaled, and not individual items

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between different scaling operations where I scaled then exited out of the scaling task and then initiated another scaling operation there I can get the difficulty since there could be more or less items selected and the slicer just uses the XYZ perimeter dimensions of the selected items however while I’m still within the same scaling operation/action it doesn’t make sense to immediately reset after a new value was entered.

Technically speaking, if you selected a bunch of objects all with the same scale factors, the software should be able to identify that fact and act accordingly. In general though, it would be nice if that scale factor wasn’t lost right after the operation, but before deselecting the object. It’s something that has annoyed me in some applications, like Fusion360, but oddly enough, not in others. However, technically speaking, most of what you want there shouldn’t be difficult to implement.

I want it to operate a little differently. I want to be able to grab a selection, type in 80% on the scale, and it sets all of them to 80%! But oops, nah, I want 90% instead, so if I typed in 90%, it’d set all of them to 90%, and not just 90% of the 80% it already scaled it.

3D Studio Max works this way. The values I type in can be absolute, or offset, so I can do it either way really.

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I want to know the difference from the original size in percentage to apply the known material specific shrink factors ( e.g. ABS 0.6% ) so that the final part will be close to design intended dims without having to calculate each time the corrected actual dimension :wink:

Well that’s also what I had mind as outlined on the end of my OP. In itself it should be possible since the individual components in BS have the relative percentage to the original stored.
However I will also be happy if they just fix the “instant Reset” as it causes me doing knee jerk reactions trying to reenter the value again

That’s what the arrows on the top line are for.

Oh great so if I reload my project in BS it will still have all the undo and redo actions from the previous session saved that can be useful and thanks for the tip!