Layer lines

So I’ve been printing none stop since I got the printer. But I’ve noticed that the all my prints have very visible layer lines on them.

I’ve tried different filaments even the orange bambu that came with the printer.

Layer height is set at 0.2 but still have layer lines visible

i preffer to use 0.16 layer height as it does a great job at hiding the lines
it does slightly increase printing time ,but it is not much compared to the extra quality you get with it

if you want to even go smoother i would use 0.12 layer height , but this increase your print time with 50% if not more, but “should” hide all lines

Ok would that be for both layer height and first layer height on the slicer?

i use 0.2 for first layer height as it sticks a little better , but it should not Mather
you can use it for both settings

All FDM printing will have visible layer lines. Carbon filled or a Galaxy filament have additives that camouflage them, but with any filament you will need to post process to completely avoid seeing lines.


I would also recommend checking the yellow filament, to ensure it has a consistent diameter, as it can influence the external look of the print.
You might also need to slightly lower the flow rate for that particular filament to get even better results.

A guide on how to fine-tune flow rate, is available on our wiki.

Thank you will try this