Learn more about the Bambu Carbon Fiber Filaments!

We heard your questions about our new Carbon Fiber filaments, so we prepared an informative Blog post about all of our CF filament offerings

Take advantage of our ongoing Carbon Fiber Filament sale, and print something awesome with it!

Share your best Bambu Carbon Fiber prints on social media and tag us with #BLSpotlight and #PrintOfTheWeek for a chance to win one of the 6x 50$ filament gift cards.

Good luck!

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Thanks! I ordered a roll of each color. I’m curious how it looks and how it will print with matte and the metal stuff.

I like the print of the week thing but it seems odd you want to see prints the week of the sale… I doubt with shipping being as slow as it is (not BL fault), that many of us will even have the filament to print with before the contest ends.