Lets see those Printing timers

The X1Plus firmware (third-party, community development) which successfully may replace BL firmware for X1C, does provide this information and more. However, running this firmware on the X1C means giving up on the BL warranty (for those still under warranty period) and BL firmware updates and support (not that it would make any real difference, considering that BL customer support, even under warranty period, is c.r.a. p. - at best- and almost non-existent - the rest of the time).

The X1C has always had an hour meter, accessed with the touch screen at Settings>General>Device Info. The X1P firmware is the same.

X1P currently is mostly just an improved interface using the Bambu firmware as a base. That base is downloaded directly from the Bambu server to the microSD card. The developers have said they intend to continue to update X1P soon after Bambu releases new firmware versions.

My initial X1P v1.0 installation used Bambu 1.07.02 as a base. A few weeks later X1P v1.1 was released, updating my printer to Bambu 1.07.03.


It’s not coming from me, but from BL’s CEO:

[quote][b] We will give customers the choice to install third party firmware and root system at their own risk.
This choice comes with certain costs in the form of giving up the support of the official software ecosystem which we hope everyone understands:

  1. Installing non-official firmware means customers waive official support expectations and take full responsibility for their own printer’s security and safety.
  2. We cannot guarantee nor intentionally block the use of the cloud service for printers with third-party firmware, as the firmware and cloud are closely coupled systems.
  3. We will release a new firmware (let’s call it firmware R) to allow the installation of the X1 Plus firmware, similar to firmware prior to V1.7.0.0.
  4. A dedicated webpage will be set up for customers to sign a waiver of warranty and safety responsibility. Once signed, firmware R will become available to be installed on the printer, enabling third-party firmware installation even if you are already on V1.7.1.0.
    This basically gives everyone their freedom to choose between Bambu Lab firmware and third-party firmware.
  5. Future official Bambu Lab firmware releases after firmware R will have new security measures applied to prevent rooting, and we will no longer provide solutions for rooting the new versions of the firmware.
  6. We will try our best to allow users with third-party firmware to revert to the OEM Bambu Lab Official Firmware, but there is no guarantee for this, simply because we do not control the third-party firmware and its functionality. We will cooperate with the X1 Plus team as much as possible to allow this. However, your warranty and support will not be reinstated after switching back to Bambu Lab Official Firmware.[/b][/quote]

This is just normal firmware. Nothng special. Straight from bambus auto update lmao. Not sure what youre talkkng about. No worries though. Nobody responded anyway. It didnt involve anything marvel or star wars based.

Is this on the P1S anymore?