Lets see your bambu forest

I will start. x1c, p1p(with all the goodies), 2 ams and 2 more on the way.

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You have more cars than bambus :wink:
What’s that riser under the lid?

A lid vent for when i print pla. Vents air while still blocking some sound. The black one is tpu, so also acts as a dampener when using an ams on top.

Theres another 10 cars off camera. Its an addiction.

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My current state - 2X1Cs 4 AMS and a partridge in a pear tree

Stand is the Ikea Bror utility cart, with a Skadis pegboard mounted on the side (the other is waiting for prints to finish before mounting) … then print another set of under AMS drawers :rofl:


@John_Hoke Very nice.

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thanks :slight_smile:

Now I need more space and order a couple more printers lol

which size Skadis do you have on the side? I’m was looking at the exact same setup :slight_smile:

Sorry was away for a bit … its the next to largest size forget off hand the specific dimensions but it fits pretty damn well … I’ll be home Monday and can measure it