Longer bus cables

Would be great if we could get some longer bus cables to enable placing the AMS a bit further away e.g on a shelve just above the printer for easier access to the top glass plate.

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The AMS Hub comes with 1.5m cables, and you can buy these separately. It’s enough for me to put my AMS units on a shelf below the printer.


The longer cable can be found here in the Bambu Lab store:


or you buy Molex 2451320620. its the same bus cable and its 2 Meters.


Yep, there could be other options out there. Bambu Lab has very reasonable prices, so I decided to get the cable directly from them.

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Yes i do it too but when they haven’t in stock and you need it right now. Its the same with the filament, every time i look its out of stock.

Agreed, its very rare to be lucky enough to find filament you need in stock. Im sure theyll sort it out eventually but its frustrating.

Coupler to join multiple Bambu Bus Cables.