Loving the glue stick

I have to say I am loving the glue stick. I am printing using PLA and used to have a terrible time removing the prints from the plate on my Prusa… usually damaging the plate after a few prints.

I am also using it on the corner of the sheet for the filament alignment prints :slight_smile: and even that is now easy to remove :slight_smile:

Just have one question - should i apply glue before every print ? or after after a few prints ? is there a general rule of thumb here on what works best ?

Congrats and here I assume “Cool Plate” - if so, then yes glue it up, thats what its meant for.

A thin smear is all you need in the job area and the calibration front and side\back lines.
Essentially, whilst some will argue to applys some “Stickyness” - its more about a “release agent” to ensure you dont do exaclty that and tear up your plate.

If I am doing a BIG\IMPORTANT job, then I apply glue (lightly)- in basically long strokes across the whole plate.

If I am doing a small job, that I know is in the middle of the plate, I will just do that area… (and the calibration line areas).

Re-applying - Yes, I do it every time - just to protect the plate. See above for how much\where.

Washing plate - Every 2-3 prints or when the glue is visibly messy on the plate.
I wash the entire plate in warm soapy water (Dawn\Fariy\whatever detergent you have to get rid of oils) - then I apply glue stick across the whole plate basically.

There are other schools of thought too…

  • Wndex \ Glass Cleaner is just as good (unsure if it wears out the plate surface)
  • Elmers Schoolkid Gluestick (*goes on purple) - this can be a bit “strong”
  • Any cheap Gluestick - your milage may vary…
  • Bambu Liquid Glue ** personally havent tried this, saving it for when ABS\ASA maybe to prevent warpinp \ lifting.

In b4 others, you wont regret getting some other plates eventually and will drop glue entirely.
If you staying Bambu branded - I have now own them all and my order of use is

  1. Smooth finish - I highly recommend the Bambu Hot Plate
  2. Textured finish - the PEI Textured from Bambu
  3. Cool Plate- Its my backup \ small unimportant job now
  4. Engineering plate\side - havent used it yet (see Hot plate)

If your going after market, there are plenty of Options that all work really well the PEI , H1H etc - Wham Bam etc etc, google will find plenty.

Good luck!

great thanks for the detailed breakdown - will get a few extra plates and try them out as well…

I am looking for smooth finishes on my bases - will the hot plate work with PLA as well ? the glue does give my prints a slightly uneven base but i think i can wash it off the model right…

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where do you get your glue? personally I do a couple of prints before re-applying glue, but I’ve noticed it can depend on the company I get the glue from (I change depending on whats on sale at the time I need it).

I also clean the plate often because the glue buildup will mess up your first layer, and subsequently the following layers (usually just a weird pattern, but depending on what you’re printing thats enough to mess it up!)

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I either reorder just bambu , or I use Elmers purple… and spray of water (what ??)
Elmers\school kid glue I just buy locally at my shops\department store, school supplies etc

So this

a) its purple and easy to see (and goes back to purple when wet)
b) its in a “big” stick format, so less effort to apply unnlike those tinn school card sticks
c) sometimes it seems to “Stick” ttoo much , so I just “wet” it and the job washes off easily.

Elmers Note

  1. Sometimes - I just re-wet the plate… Glue goes purple in the area thats “left” with some glue
  • if there is a big patch left, I cann re-smear it and cover ‘used’ areas.
  • I use kind of like a plastic brush kind of thing - easy to see do as glue is purple.

2) I mostly just wash the whole plate and reapply…
3) Elmers I do very very lightly, its very sticky

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Get 3dlac instead of glue. Uses very little, lasts for ages and is good for everything, PC, nylon, ASA, ABS etc.
I don’t see the point of using the cool plate if you have to use glue on it just to avoid using the heated bed. Just use a PEI or high temp plate and 60°c
Also to the OP, how did you manage to damage a Prusa plate with PLA? They used the best stock plates IMO.