Lubrication alert?

Did I read somewhere that someone’s A1 mini gave them an alert when the machine needed oiling? Was just wondering if this was a think as I havent got one after 2 months :thinking:

I’ve seen the Lube Y alert 3 times now…last one was yesterday.

I got the 1st alert about a week after I started printing, the 2nd about 3 weeks later, the last was months later.

For me it happens only after printer reboot

does it appear as an alert on that little robot face? Ive never had one :-/

It’s a popup on the screen…you can choose “Later” or “Done”.
If you choose “Later” it will tell you on next reboot.

How odd that I’ve never seen it yet :thinking:

Just fired up my new mini today and right after the firmware update it prompted me to oil the y axis.

I got mine roughly month after booting the printer up for the first time, so thought it’s a ‘timed maitenance’.

I got mine within a week of assembling the printer, not knowing that it’s a random message.

Now I’m wondering when the next oiling should be done!

My assumption was that it would just pop up after x hours of printing or time. But I’ve yet to get one 2 months in

Just had my A1 tell me to lube the Y-Axis yesterday. Very simple.
Easy to complete using the instructions provided through a QR.
Maybe has something to do with the recent firmware update?