Maintenance notification straight out of the box?

Hi. I’m a proud new owner of an X1 Carbon.

I’ve finished assembling the printer but am a bit puzzled by two maintenance notifications on the display:
“The carbon rods may need to be cleaned.”
“It is detected that the lead screws may need lubrication.”

Is this normal for a brand new printer, or does this indicate that there may be an issue?

Thanks for clarifying.


Yeah, that happens frequently.

Give the rods a quick IPA rub and use a little lube that came with the printer on the spindles. Just take care not to confuse the lube satchel with the thermal paste. They look very similar.

Yes, perfectly normal…

The notification seems to be based on printing hours rather physical sensors that can detect dirt or lack of lube, but the firmware does not initialize the hours as it should. Many of us received that notification as soon as it was added to the firmware, even if maintenance had just been completed. On a brand new machine, I would just say the maintenance was complete and start printing.

So yes, it can happen also check the rod at the back of the machine when I got mine, that entire rod was out Its spot and it was a very painful experience to get it back in so check everything and good luck. Let us know if you get it.

There was a specific firmware update that triggered that message across the board on first power up. Bambu wanted to make sure users knew there was a periodic maintenance requirement. I believe the idea was to have that message show up on every printer as some users have thousands of hours of print time and may not have thought about maintenance. If it’s a new machine, it should be safe to ignore the message.

Thank you all for your helpful replies, I appreciate it!