Major layer shift ruined print

I don’t know what would have caused this. This is my 1st print since the firmware update. There was no sign of a power outage last night, or anything (foreign object, etc.) that would have caused a shift like this.

Maybe it wasn’t layer shift but nozzle clog? Happened to me a few times with colorFabb Viber PLA (10% grass), but it always cleared itself.

No. It’s a layer shift. Look at the line and the text in the print. You can see clearly the >1" shift at one layer to the next. Clogged nozzles do not cause that.

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lol. I was actually only looking at the line for some reason. Brain fart. Sorry. It looks like it actually printed outside of the normally printable area? Is that even above the bed?
As I get some weird behaviour in extreme areas I usually avoid it and leave at least 5mm on all sides, my guess is it tried moving outside and became confused.

The print was easily within bed margins when sliced. The shift is odd because it was in the direction of the model orientation, not along the X or Y axis. That’s why I’m thinking it had something to do with the software or firmware. Like I said before, there were no foreign objects in the build space, the model was still adhering well, and there were no power outages so I don’t know what else it could be. It’s frustrating when you waste a $60+S&H .5kg spool of Matter Hacker Nylon X that you baked for 12 hours at 170F, and are afraid to reprint because you’re pretty sure you did nothing wrong, and the error is beyond your control and likely to happen again. The print was adhering pretty well with Magigoo PA, Engineering plate, 70F bed per Matterhacker’s specs. The spaghetti on the near right end ~2" was a result of trying to print the model overhang in an area where it previously shouldn’t have been before the shift, so there was no support there. I don’t know what caused this so I’m leery about trying again for fear of wasting more filament.

I have been noticing random layer shifts in my prints sometimes too. I can reprint same gcode without a layer shift so I dont know what is causing this. Mine is always shifting in the x direction where the bottom half is to the left and top half is to the right of the machine. I checked belt tension and everything is good there.
Exact same gcode from selecting reprint option from lcd on the left that printed with no issues. There is either a belt slip, problem with the printer processing gcode fast enough, or there is some power issue. I cant tell which is causing it because it is so random and only happens once in a while to narrow it down.

What about the massive warping? Maybe you had a Collision while moving along the part-axis that caused to your “layer-shift”?

My first guess would be a PLA print in a closed-up enclosure. Sometimes that will make a layer soft enough to move and get snagged by the nozzle. However, you said that was Nylon X. Also, that could happen if the model comes off the bed and hits the nozzle, which makes more sense as its clearly being tortured with temperature differentials (splitting layers mean warping is occurring). Once it collides with the nozzle, it will be out of sync and printing in the wrong place leaving spaghetti and shifted layers.

I don’t know that I would just restart that print. There’s likely a setting that is the culprit. The bed temp would be my guess at the problem. Looking at Bambu’s own filament settings for PA with CF, they all seem to be @100C with the Engineering Plate or the High Temp Plate. IMO, this all fits. Lower bed temps cause lower chamber temps which lead to warping and layer ripping, which then led to a collision and layer shift. I find that these printers very seldom run at manufacturer’s suggested settings due to the speeds they print at. I’d try the Generic PA CF profile settings and see if it works. You could even just test a very small but tall portion of the print. For example, cut the model so that you get a narrow but tall cross section of the model. This would confirm your settings are capable of finishing without errors.

But that’s just a guess.

Sorry, didn’t realize it was a 2 month old post.

@PEZ3D That’s weird. Is that printing like that together or one at a time?

me too… :see_no_evil: :smiley:
my comment was for the entry-post, sry

could you see something at the video from your print?

I had this problem only a few times and always combined with warping and a collision of the nozzle and the part.

Unfortunately, every time it has happened, I didn’t have the video recording. I have since installed a 256gb SD card and enabled it to record every print though, so I will hopefully have a video if it happens again in the future.

Any luck documenting and getting support from bambu lab? I’m seeing same issue with some consistency.

For anyone else, clean your tubes!

Hi y’all. I got the same problem, with X & Y Axis. It happened 2 times & every time I pause the printer. Yesterday I paused it maybe for 30 seconds and clicked on play. Then this happens. Someone know anything about this?
Ok i don’t know why I can’t upload pictures.

I think mine was that the print became disconnected from the bed, but the support stayed in place, so it continued printing on top of the dislodged print. No idea if my issue was the same as what Trollwerks2a originally posted, but I havent had one in a very long time.

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Okay. Thank you! Mayen next Time, i will Upload the pics