Make "general" RFid TAGs avalible!

If rfid tags format is soo secret, make rfid tags (with basic information, like “GENERIC PLA” “Generic ASA” etc, and simple colors, etc) avalible in store, WE WILL PAY FOR IT - only make it orderable!

I think bambulab can earn more money from selling many cheap tags-stickers (for others filament manufacturers too), rather than from selling own filaments with tags :wink:


I like your Idea. But how shall they manage the remaining Filament level?
I have rewind a black PLA CF spool and my display on X1C says that the spool is nearly empty, therefor i can use the right settings for my filament but it’s always shown as empty.

I do not need remaining filament management, it is usable but not necessary. I can works without this, but self detection of filaments spools - is much more user friendly feature.

A blank generic PLA that allows you to save the profile to it.
They would make more money off of these rfid’s than the printers.

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You are absolutly right, it’s now the third time that i respool PLA CF to its Carrier, since i have my printer

Yes please! Can you please release the RFID keys? Or at least sell tags with a handfull of colors.

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I bought a few rolls of their filament and reuse the RFID tags. Just buy whatever is on sale. You will get good filament and the RFID tags :slight_smile: Whenever I print orange, I know it’s a Generic filament. Works great for me.