Make long filenames visible

Hello is it possible to make long filenames visible. We use them to put in information like the build plate used and part version numbers and only a part of the filename is visible.


Agreed! There is plenty of space on the X1C display but we only see a few letters then … please allow more letters to show on the display

Also the “wrong plate ( not matching gcode) error is frustrating. Its not enough to know the plate is wrong. We also need to know which is the correct one! If the error said something like " Wrong plate installed. Please change to Textured Plate” it would be useful.

As it is now we have to open the file in slicer to find the correct plate. We keep our finished files on SD card for our staff to reprint as needed. But since its hard to see the whole filename (which includes the plate needed) they may start the print with wrong plate. And then there is no easy way to find out what actual plate is needed.