Make My Sign Contest Qualifications

Hey all,

A surprise fourth contest is running, so we now have three running at once! It’s quite a lot but I enjoy having these topics to help stimulate the creativity. Anyway, the newest contest is the Make My Sign contest and I had some questions about the contest qualifications.

In the contest details it says:

Please Note:

To qualify for the contest, it’s essential not only to have a standalone sign but also to incorporate accessories such as lightbox and sign holders.

The sign must be generatable through Make My Sign.

My interpretation of that is that the design should be something that incorporates a sign made in Make My Sign, so a submission of just a sign isn’t enough. However, if my interpretation is correct then almost every submission doesn’t qualify, which makes me believe I must be reading this wrong. Is there any clarification on this?


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Yeah, that is confusing. How can you make anything but a sign with Make My Sign?

The suggestions were light boxes and sign holders; I made a tool box where you can swap in signs as covers to organize/distinguish boxes, but I’m not sure if I over did it and should just design a standalone sign

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Duplicate Post.

Ah well I’m asking about contest rule clarification, not announcing that the application is out


For my understanding I think it’s like this:
You create a sign by using the signmaker.
Then you create for example a box where you put the sign in or mount it to.
Take the two files, upload it to MW and describe the settings in the signmaker, so everybody can adjust the signtext and customize it.

That would make sense I think because for example you make a doorsign incl. a mountingbracket with the words “here lives Kit_Crafters” nobody whos sane would print it if he’s not able to change the text :wink:


“Yes, you are correct. To qualify for the contest you must make a sign using Make My Sign, and have some form of an accessory with it such as a stand, light box, turn it into a clock, A wall hook to mount on a wall, and so forth.”

We encourage participants to upload their accessories model files to Makerworld and provide detailed explanations on how to use or modify them through Make My Sign. This will enable more people to use the models or design their own according to their needs.

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