Maker Lab now Open - Make My Sign

With more to come…


Maybe we should start with this

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Can anyone upload a template? I can’t find the option.


Start with “Create from blank”. Then you got the option to use a template.

has anyone worked out how to make a light box yet lol

Thankyou Great tool!

Nice tool, but I can’t figure out how to get bold font?

Just a suggestion:
You are able to export the designed stuff as a *.json

It would be nice if you are designing a model wich features the MMS, that you are able to share the exportet template, so other users can start from there.

But you are not able to reimport the json file into MMS (or I didn’t find it) and you are also not able to attach/upload the *.json to your model.

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I cannot get my sign to download… just crashed the open tab. its super annoying! I can download the STL but the the 3mf


Hi, I am unable to download my designs it just greys out and freezes. If tried multiple devices and pc, it does the same thing. I have noticed if I delete all SVG’s then it will download. Help…

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