Make printing multiple copies more efficient

I am almost always printing structural parts. This frequently requires that I print multiple copies of the same object. Sometimes I can put them on the same plate, but more often only one part fits on the plate and I have to reprint it.

I have two suggestions that could make it easier:

  1. Add support to the firmware so that the play button on the P1P will re-execute the previous job.
    I realize that there is a way to reprint by using the file menu on the printer, but I am never sure which one of the files was the previous print. In addition that requires multiple steps.
    With the proposed method,

    • I go to the printer,
    • remove the previous print from the plate
    • click the right arrow (assuming I am already on the home screen)
    • click select to print the same model again

    This is very fast and easy.
    This would be the best solution because it works regardless how the print was previously sent to the printer. Also, I have to be at the printer to remove the previously printed object.

  2. In Bambu Studio, when I send a print it automatically switches to the device page to monitor status of the print.

    • show the print button in the upper right when on the device page, possibly relabeling it “reprint”
    • disable the button when a print is in progress
    • when the print is complete, enable the button
    • clicking “reprint” when on the device page will rerun the same print job

    This would be more efficient than the current process of going back to the preview page to use the print button to send the job.

    • The printer is already selected, as are the print job options
    • the file to print is already on the printer
    • resending the previous MQTT command to run the job is the only step required.
      In fact this method will even work when Bambu Studio is enhanced to monitor multiple printers. The reprint button is device dependent and re-runs the job on the device being viewed. (The preview might not actually correspond to the job on that printer when the previous copy is finished being printed. In fact, the currently loaded project in Bambu Studio may have even changed.)
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Your description is well thought out and I agree that this would be a quality of life improvement. You’d be better off submitting this on the Orca Github request, I seriously doubt BL will be interested since they seemed to be too self-absorbed in in features that are self-promoting Makerworld which I would say, none of us asked for.

I’d also add that one thing I found oddly missing and definitely in the annoyances category is a button that allows one to check a box where one can go from slice to direct print in one action without having to hit send. WTF!!! It seems like an egregious obvious design oversight. Why make something in two steps when one is all that is needed? Baffling logic that I can only attribute to the notion that it’s open source and two developers worked on each module and the “send” button was the quick and dirty way of getting there without integrating the two modules.

BTW: I almost forgot. You do know that a feature allowing for multiple copies now exists in Orca, right?