Modeled an iphone 15 pro max phone case a while back, I’ve been curious to see what [Anycubic’s ACE Pro] features so recently checking out their website and on makeronline they have “AnyLabs” but their first online maker is “Phone Cases”… Very curious to try this and wanted to let people know! I also do not doubt that were going to see a lot of models from their “lab” make their way over to the model list here on makerworld

Ah yes Makeronline. The website trying to poach users from Makerworld by sending advertising PMs.

The site that’s a literal clone of makerworld.

Interesting how you recently showed your dissatisfaction with Bambulab/Makerworld and now want everyone to know about the makerworld clone. Coincidence?


Hmm… :thinking: I love to think that the “Bambu Labs” user base is merely a sophisticated group of people who think “MakerWorld” is entitled to being the 1 and only website able to file host and develop online model scripts.

Also so what if [Anycubic] clones? or any other company at this point clones. If they don’t hold rights to these things I see nothing wrong here plus show me where “MakerWorld’s” phone case design lab is…

People are forgetting bambu labs wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for any of those “Clone” companies… I actually do not see ANYTHING of bambu labs that I haven’t already seen years ago… get over MW being the almighty be all website. Anycubic has been around for 9 years plus has better filament so continue being a “fanboy” since I literally only wanted to mention this feature so others would know.