MakerWorld Alternative - Revenue?

Hey There,

I understand there is a split point of view in the community in regard to the ability to control profiles etc. So I won’t waste time expressing my views on this.

To put it simply, I have a handful of models I have been waiting on publishing due to the lack of regulation. When I came on here, I did not expect to see any kind of revenue opportunity. Though now I see there is. So far, I have been able to fund buying more filament to reinvest into my current designs/prototypes.

But as my current project is modular, and will consist of many uploads, with print settings having a factor in what fits together, or is strong enough etc. I want to have the ability to remove bad use profiles, but I cannot.

So, my question is… Is there any alternative to Maker World with the same kind of setup. Upload your designs, if people like it and download it, you make money/credits? I’d be curious in checking it out and seeing what options they have.

Printables has a reward scheme that’s not half as good.


Besides printables, other platforms have reward schemes.
Makerworld benefits seem to be significantly better.
Some well-known 3D print creators are established on other platforms but benefit from long-time experience and marketing.

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