MakerWorld Drama - The Things We Did and Didn’t Do


Interesting spin…kinda looks like you tried a hijacking and it failed

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Thats one way to look at it. Another way is to say dat Printables is hypocritical. Printables has a function to import models from Thingiverse but wants to make it as difficult as possible to let others import from their site…


Almost seems like they were told no, and decieded to force their hand anyway and its blowing up like the Black Sea Fleet


Huh? Where do you see anything one might call hijacking???

The transparency clearly spells out some things.
This would not be advisable from a lawyer, so it speaks volumes.

One thing is fore sure though, Bambu is the newcomers. And everyone knows how easy it is to pick on the new kid. They’ve shown pretty admirable behavior in the face of it.

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I never liked anything Prusa so Printables was not for me. I am a long time Thingiverse adept and the transfer of models from Thingiverse to Makerworld went flawless!

Congrats on the new platform!

Will the 40 euro gift cards be back in stoch anytime soon?

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Studying other competitors in the market is part of business, and we would be foolish not to do it as we strive to do better and bring requested features to our customers. We don’t think that studying Printables in order to improve our platform is a crime, just like we don’t think any competitors buying our printers for reverse engineering is a crime. We feel honored that other companies want to look into how we provide the innovations in a lawful manner.

Interesting. Is this approval for my reverse-engineering efforts of the Bambu RFID tag system?

Frankly, I think Bambu is leaving a LOT of innovation (and $$) on the table with the way they are using the RFIDs.

Look but maybe not copy as much as you do. Still waiting for that innovation. Edit, adding the eddie current sensor in the a1 was a pretty innovative way of using preexisting tech.

Most of the tech has been existing. this type tech in these printers has been out for along time, (ex.the way bambu abl works is very similar if not the same as delta printers etc.)

Like with the speed. It has been know how tonprint fast for along time just couldnt get the quality down at the speeds. Where bambu has done it.

What bambu has done is able to incorporate this tech to get the speed and quality out of their printers.

We can see this by how fast creality and some other companies came out with printers with the same stuff in them as bambu. So the tech was known.

It was klipper. Input shaping. For the speed/quality.

Yes an admirable behavior, otherwise I would hardly take the time.

  1. They waist there time - the microsoft appel mobilephone time:

And how wins finally on point 1.: Google with android.

So, if they have understood point 1, winning war and not fitting battles they may will lead until Google or Autodesk takes over. And they will overtake becouse the are the biggest fishs in the game… Those who can afford it or get it…

  1. Copyright is part of the Berne Convention Signed at the 9 September 1886 and accepted by China as well.

If I draw a Circle with a ballpoint pen on a paper - the ballpoint pen and the paper may be subject to patent law. But I am the sole author of the circle.

If I would take a CAD and draw a circle, did I drawn the circle? If not, what agreement do I have with the author how have create the circle or the CAD did it for me? How much rights belongs to the other author and how to share the rights? I give to all of thos questions questionmarks becouse I do not need to know the answer.

If I have words in my head and type them on the keyboard, do I have the commercial rights to use it as a business letter or are the rights to put it on a product are restricted? Is it a copyrighted Font?

Why did Google develop open source Fonts? Because they didn’t have something better to do? Why does every large company have its own lettering for displaying the company name - because someone simply had too much money and just thought they would give themselves a lettering for Christmas?

Maybe I’m wrong, but with the simple upload link in the Bambu slicer they already sold there company. This may creates a disaster like in the music industry, where the singer likes to sing but has no idea that the author of the text and the composer also have rights… and then you make it so accessible to the most inexperienced through a simple upload link in the slicer that it may look very natural and absolutely unproblematic?

Yes, admirable behavior and a hell of a lot of courage.

If I had to put this post in a simple sentence it may would be: Bambulab plays waterbal against Prusa in a shark tank.