MakerWorld + Handy - doubts

I searched the forums and Google it, and I may be using the wrong words, but I couldn’t find a clear answer to a few doubts. I’ve been testing the MakerWorld + handy app since the test version release, and whilst I succeeded in every print, I have some doubts.

  1. When I choose to use my filament preset, it is clear that the PA value (printer stored) is considered in the gcode. But what about the flow ratio? Is the value from the cloud used?
  2. I already tried it and used a print profile with a different filament. I didn’t understand why the print profile entails the filament, as it will slice for my filament preset. Is it to state that it was tested for a specific material?
  3. Is the mandatory use of the Handy app for print profile evaluation (instead of the model) related to possible cheating in the print process?
  1. Yes. Your printer will use its PA value. For flow ratio, it depends which filament preset you are using. If you did not use your own filament preset, system filament preset will be used according to which filament you choose.

  2. When printing a model (a print profile) from Bambu Handy, you may change filament type (ABS->PLA) or even filament presets. The cloud slicer will re-slice the 3mf with newly input printer type, filament type, build plate type, etc.

  3. I did not catch what you mean, could you explain more about it?