Makerworld now taking down print profiles with Physical Print images?

Just had 3 of my print profiles removed by Makerworld saying they didn’t have pictures of physical prints. Problem is that they all did. Took the time and filament to print and take a picture and it still “got reported” and removed.

Not sure what should be done at this point. It is getting ridiculous. Please tell me what I have to do.

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I’m pretty sure you can easily appeal the decision, but I’m not sure how, sorry that’s not helpful. Maybe you could post the pictures here and someone will review it?

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@booneco3d I just worked it out by accident when I was looking for something else. You can submit a support ticket via MakerWorld, click on your profile and then select Support Tickets, set the issue type as ‘appeal’.

I encountered a similar situation where I included an image in all print profiles, prioritizing the build plate image over the actual photo for its significance. Unfortunately, not only were the profiles removed, but I also received a 7-day upload ban (which means you cannot even edit existing models in any fashion).

Despite multiple friendly messages through the support ticket system, the ban was not lifted, and the print profiles were not restored. It’s worth noting that the messages are standard presets. Unless you have ample time to spare, I wouldn’t recommend attempting to appeal.

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Sounds like a bot approach to reviewing the posts that is badly programmed.

File an appeal (especially if you lost credits) I had one of mine taken down as well a few months ago. Sent over proof that it had an image and got my points back. Though the print profile wasn’t (couldn’t?) be reinstated, i had to publish it again.

Appeal was filed and they responded and said it was ok to reload the profile.

This was done and everything was good till about 3 hours ago when the took down the models for the same reason. All are on appeal with the picture shown but this is getting stupid.

Could you upload the image here and link the model so we can better understand the situation?

Model or print profile. It’s important to differentiate.

Model now. They took down the print profile then said it was ok to reupload. Reloaded and now models removed…

Any reasons listed? If you think it’s wrong do it like with the print profile and send an appeal. This can be done directly from the notification

Appeal has been sent this morning. This is just getting annoying as they already agreed the print profile was good with the picture it had, now the whole model removed with same pictures…… almost like I’m targeted by someone or something.

Is it your model? The model you designed or are you uploading someone else’s model?

my model and print profile.

Waiting on appeal now.

Gotta love this…. It is a bad comedy act.

The appeals were successful and all 3 models were restored.

THEN 13 other print profiles were taken down for lack of picture of the printed model, even though all had the pictures of the printed model. PlUS they gifted a 7 day suspension from uploading.

I am convinced makerworld needs medication for bi- polar issues.


I know most don’t care about this issue as it doesn’t affect them, and that is perfectly fine. But I am posting here to try and get BambuLab’s Attention on this.

The print profiles were taken down AGAIN saying they needed a photo of a printed model. This occurred less than 24 hours after the resolution on a ticket said that the issue was taken care and I can reload the profiles again with THE SAME PICTURE that had been on it from the beginning. I even excluded the digital rendering so the picture of the printed models was the only one attached.

This is now 4 times! Yeah, I am questioning why I am doing this as most would, but there are reasons.

I have over 1100 followers. I know I am not a major player here but that is a decent number of people who have shown interest in my models and I want to provide some new ones periodically.

Second, what if this happens to new users and makers? Someone buys a bambu printer, learns to design models and makes a great model to share. They put it up with the right pictures but the stupid algorithm takes their print profile or model down. Instead of fighting the system they simple give up. The community just lost a potential artist and their models.

BambuLab - PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. The system needs to stop taking down items when everything is done correctly.

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Can you post the link or picture?

This is one of the 17 that had the print profile removed.

Ooh my favorite artist on MW!!! :heart_eyes:

seems your camera sucks so bad very bad quality, i got better quality images on my gameboy camera :rofl:.
seems makerworld punish now bad quality images! This is also way to ruin great art!
next step go shop get new phone or camera. kinda feel bad for ya!


I closely monitored your case and I do indeed appreciate that you update this thread.

After reviewing several of your models with print profiles, I can now comprehend Bambu Labs’ actions. The discrepancy in quality between your real-world images and the models is glaring. While it doesn’t necessarily imply falsification, I understand the skepticism it raises. If this were my platform, I wouldn’t tolerate such discrepancies.

However, Bambu Labs’ inadequate communication regarding these cases is inexcusable.