Makerworld should actually print all of the models that get featured

I consider a “featured model” a recommendation and as such I think the minimum Bambu should be doing is printing the model and sharing some photos.

Above and beyond that, having a print/build video or a short write up of what’s cool about it or why it’s featured or what stands out would be even better.


I thought this is a given when a modle gets featured. If this has not been the case, then Makerworld should develop some criteria for the selection.

To be on the featured list, a model should at least passes tests of printing, assembly (if applicable), and use. If there are other models that are similar or serve the same purpose, then at least a few of the alternatives should also be printed, assembled, and used. Then have a few people independently rate on some criteria on a scale of 1 to 10. The criteria can be subjects such as: 1) how easy is it to print, 2) how easy is it to assembled, 3) is instruction needed, if yes, is it provided and is it easy to follow; 4) does it work; 5) how easy is it to use, etc. The winner of the total scores on these will be featured.

Makerworld can choose to keep the criteria internal, or publish it as a way to promote good design practices.

It’s definitely not the case. I’ve had a couple models featured, and haven’t seen anything like that. They just tag the model with a featured tag. This is why it’s important to either take good photos of your model or make nice renders to show them off to increase your chances of being featured. It seems like as MakerWorld has grown, they’ve greatly expanded the number of featured models they have at any given time, so i’d imagine it would be a big undertaking for them to print every one and photo it, especially models that have moving parts or have some required assembly. Would be cool though

Hoepfully the selection process is not just one or two people looking at the photos and say this looks nice let’s feature it :). One of the challenges of using free models is that some don’t work, some don’t even print.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that some featured models have the Bambu Lab logo on them. For the armchair lawyers :slight_smile: out there, does this affect Bambu Lab’s ability to defend its copyright to the logo? What happens now if an NSFW model has the Bambu Lab logo on it?

I agree that it’s a lot of work to print and review models, but that is kind of why there’s value in doing it. A recommendation based only on looking at a product photo is pretty worthless.

I don’t disagree at all. It would be cool and would actually separate them from the other platforms because none of the other platforms are doing anything like that either as far as i’m aware.

I’m not sure how they did it. But a model of me was featured for a 5 days. And had no likes en maybe 3 downloads. After 5 days it was 39 downloads :joy:

It seems selection for featured artists is just as mysterious. Some have as little as 2 models and others in the double and triple digits. Getting chosen for either would definitely help download counts. As a content creator I would love to know the algorithm.

Agreed i saw one the othe day with 1 model and about 50 likes/downloads.

The Featured list is just a mix of actual good models and models of good friends of the makerworld staff.


What I don’t like is that there are ‘featured’ that have not posted a single true picture of the models they have uploaded. Only simulations. One in particular has lots of downloads and pretty BBL logos which will never print as pretty as his photoshopped pictures. Just sayin. They require actual photo, but really don’t.

In our opinion, featured models should be based on the number of likes per time period since publication. Most like, besides featured models should appear on the front page. This should be the goal of the fetured function. For a maximum of 1 month, then other models should get a chance.

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Isn’t that what the “30 days trending” tab is used for? If you visit via the handy app you can see the 30 days trending, on web it’s 7 days trending. Simple 1 click.

I like the featured items being specially procured that may not be the most popular, but good golly sometimes they need to do a better job at what they procure (it’s fine right now ATM, in the past it’s been more sketchy)