Malformed WiFi Packets During Initial Setup

I just received my second X1CC and it is failing during WiFi setup. The signal strength is good/full and so I grabbed a packet capture of the authentication session and noticed the X1C is sending malformed packets.

I am going to try changing my 2.4GHz band and see if that helps.

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Also, I have the PCAP (packet capture) file if some one from Bambu wants it to look at.

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If you want Bambu Support, you probably want to open a support ticket.

I am more just trying to document it for now since there doesn’t appear to be a GitHub for the firmware of the printer.

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I was able to get the printer to successfully connect to my phone as a hotspot. I used this to add it to my account and update the firmware to the latest version. I can confirm that the issue persists when attempting to switch back to my home WiFi even on the latest firmware (

Looks like I was able to resolve this by forcing my WiFi AP on 2.4GHz off of channel 11. Seems to work fine on every channel except 11 actually. Is there any known issue with the X1C not connecting on 2.4GHz channel 11?

I tried switching my home wifi to a TP-Link Deco X55, but could not get my two X1C printers to connect, no matter what I did. TP-Link doesn’t let me change (or even see) the channel, so no chance to change it to get it connected. I’d be curious if it had been channel 11, but I’ve packed it up already.