Manual Camera Controls

Hey Dev’s

Can we please have access to manually set the camera gain and exposure controls. There are many times when I am printing a white filament that the image is completely overblown or with dark filaments it is far to dark. I would love to be able to have manual control over the cameras exposure settings to combat this issue.


There is a kludge to trick the auto exposure into adjusting for your current lighting. Exposure is set when the device boots up, and the chamber light is likely off at that point. This means when it turns on, or if you add additional lighting, your images and videos will be horribly blown out.

The kludge is to, one the print is underway, and the lighting has stabilized (after the LIDAR calibration), switch the camera to 720p, then back to 1080p. This will force the auto exposure to adjust for the brighter conditions of having lights on.

I concur that I would AT LEAST like some sort of brightness or exposure control. As a professional photographer, this drives me nuts.


I would also very much like to see this feature. Even if it’s just a basic slider that I can lock in.

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I waould just love control over the whole camera, and maybe an easy way to post to social media besides a super fast time lapse that only last an average of 3 seconds.