Mass color change

I have a job with 12 plates. The parts are black and purple. In the AMS are two black(1&2 positions) a copper (3) and purple(4). I performed a AMS sync because I just refilled the number 1 slot (which was empty) with a new reel of black. When I did the sync ALL the purple colors switched to copper on all 12 plates. Now I have to redo all 12 plates and it is a lot of work. I have to repaint all the parts, then copy and group them on each plate to make each of the jobs. Again this is a lot of work!!!

When syncing the AMS the color on the parts should associated to the reel/color not the reel position in the AMS. Also, I think the purple has always been in the #4 position and been printing from that location for some time. This is a nasty problem because the amount of work it can cause. I had a similar thing happen some time ago and could not figure out how. At that time all the purple was switched to black.

Please get this on your fix list, syncing the AMS should not be making mass changes to the design of the parts. If the color on the parts is not in the AMS during syncing, then an error should be trigger and let the user deal with it. Or error out the syncing process and again let the user deal with it. If the same color is in a different position then the associated reel should move and re-sync with the parts.


Something similar happens to me, i have a problem with flat painted surfaces, instead of the color going thoughout, the slicer makes a sandwich of 1 or 2 correct color layer, 2 solid incorrect layers followed by the last 1 or 2 correct pattern and color (5 top shell layers), i donĀ“t know why it happens or how to change it