Mass Download of Print Profil

One of my model’s print profile has been downloaded more than 60 times within one minute. This is more than unusual - has anybody noticed something similar?

“Hey Teacher, you forgot to give us homework” :joy:

Interesting though.

The reason for my posting has a deeper, paranoid reason. What if somebody, who does not like me, is mass-downloading my profiles only to later accuse me of using bots to farm points?
Yes, my mind is weird sometimes. Like my models… :wink:

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Did it just get a rating for the first time?

If you didn’t have 4 or greater average rating, but many downloads you can see rewards suddenly “pop” in like this when someone does give you a rating finally.


This is a very good point!
The model is already 10 weeks old and has some downloads. But it might be that this is the first rating of the print profile.

Thank you! I did not think of that.

Confirmed. I just had this happen to me. It got nearly 100 downloads with no rating, then got it’s first rating.

BOOM, rapidfire points.

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I just had exactly the same. First and only profile rating of 4 stars gave me points for 100 downloads.