Mass removal of painted colors from objects

I have 7 parts which I had on 6 different plates all were two color. Some how all the painted colors were removed. All the parts went from 2 color to one color mysteriously. Now I have to go back and repaint all those parts and arrange them on the 6 plates for printing. The is a great annoyance. Is there some kind of mass color command I may have hit accidentally or something? If there is such a tool then there should be some kind of warning.

Bambu lab version

If one or more objects are selected, pressing keys 1-9 will assign that slot colour to the selected objects. maybe you did that by accident.

That changes the assigned filament color, but does not change the painted color. So when I selected all the parts on the plate and pressed 3, they indeed all change color, but the painted colors remains. I my case all the painted colors were removed.

Ive had that happen when I painted with the wrong printer selected and then went to select the correct printer. Also it has happened after adding a new filament color. I agree its a PITA…

I think I found the problem, when you sync the AMS it will change all the color to a new reel color in the AMS. This is bad!

Kind of expeted I guess, cant colour with something it doesnt have - however a UI Warninng or something be nice…


  • locking plates \ objects - still do it - chance colour after ams sync\filaments (but I expect it too)
  • removing filaments, if one is a colour one ,will default what is coloured etc.