Maximum of 5 entries allowed per contest

Hi Makers,
Our contests are gaining increasing attention within the entire 3D printing community, and many talented designers have participated with their exceptional models. We are grateful for all the support and are committed to providing a more enjoyable and equitable platform for all makers.
However, we have also encountered multiple instances of potential spamming from certain participants and have received numerous complaints regarding such behavior. While we have advised against submitting a large number of entries in a short period of time, our efforts have yielded limited results.
As a result, we have decided to enforce a maximum limit of 5 entries per contest for each designer. We hope that this measure will address the issue of spamming among our participants.

A few things to note regarding this change:

  • If you want to upload a design with several variations, we encourage you to refer to Spamming concerns: The right way to upload cookie cutters.

  • We encourage you to thoughtfully select your contest entries before uploading them to the contest page. If you have already submitted 5 entries and then decide to replace one of them by deleting a previous entry, you will not be permitted to submit a 6th entry into our contest. This rule is in place to prevent spammers from repeatedly deleting and re-uploading entries, which can lead to spamming on our contest page.

We hope that this change will enhance the user experience for our contest and create a fair and level playing field for all our contestants.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions on this issue. Thanks.

The MakerWorld Team


So good ! Thank you team .

Hey there, Bambu! I have a request for a contest. I’d love to see more diverse options for accessibility aids on bambu handy, and what better way to encourage makers to make accessibility devices, than a contest!

There are currently only 18 accessibility devices available on Bambu Handy, and I think a contest would significantly increase that number.

Thank you!


Welcome to the forum! That’s a fantastic idea!!

You should post it over here in this thread:

This is where Makerworld has been looking for suggestions. They’ll be more likely to see yours and hopefully make it happen!

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Looks like there are people who set up multiple acccounts to rotate (load and delete) through many designs while keeping no more than 5 similar designs at any time to avoid detection.

Makerworld should start authenticating accounts and only allow real accounts to upload and download models.


do you have any examples :slight_smile: ?

I have a question regarding entries.
I am participating in the Car Cabin Gadgets contest.
Since I am already “competing” with only one model I seem not to be able to upload another idea that came to me during the night… is there any chance to still add it?