Measure feature in Studio

Has there been any updates to get this? Would be great tool!!!
Is anyone from Bambu hearing us???

I have to mention I read someone made a small STL for a simple “ruler”. When needing a measure, just import that STL and drag it around. That’s too clever, I loved it! You just need to remember to remove it before printing :rofl:

But anyway +1, we definitely need that feature! Someone did the work already, just need to merge it from Orca.


Please ADD a ruler, a no brainer that we need that

100% support this. Its would be an invaluable tool to add.

Orca Slicer 1.9.0 is released now, personally I’m switching to it until Bambu Studio takes a lead again. Apart from this measure feature and lots of other things, I’m very excited to try out the new seamless (as it should have been all the time, but wasn’t) spiral vase mode!


Just by curiosity. Is there profiles for the P1S in Orca Slicer by default or I need to create one?

Sure - and even your own profiles, created with Bambu Studio, will show up in Orca Slicer :+1:t3:

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Thanks for the reply ! :smiley: I’m new to this world (two weeks). Happy to know some alternatives.

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Adding a +1 to this.

Desperately need a measurement feature. I need to resize bracelets and without a ruler there is no way to see the inner diameter. Waiting patiently. Thank you.

Measure tool now in OrcaSlicer v1.9 official release.

What are you waiting for? You know you want it! :crazy_face:


please Bambu lab add this feature !

It is cruel and unusual to have to read this thread. I can’t figure out how to measure in studio, and this is the first result in a google search. I see its a recent thread and feel hopeful, and as I read all the comments, I’m just waiting for the next post to be the answer, but it never comes, its just people crying out for months for this super simply feature but it just never comes. Its just sad. Come on Bambu.

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As other posters have noted, it is available with the OrcaSlicer v1.9.0 Official Release. With the limited comparisons I’ve done, it works the same as the Prusa Slicer.

With this and other features it has added, I find myself using OrcaSlicer more often but find BambuSlicer easier to use still - perhaps due to it being a simpler UI on the left side of the screen. It’s cool to have both option though :slight_smile:

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I keep coming back to needing a measure feature in the Bambu Studio.
It would make the job of custom fitting parts so much easier.
Seems especially odd that it is missing since the software and hardware are a bundle
This software is for that cnc device
measure seems like the most obvious 3d (even only 2d) feature

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+1 you have a scaling tool that I cant measure :expressionless:

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Bump. Found this thread while looking for a measure tool - a design I downloaded doesn’t quite fit together, and I want to measure and find out why.

How can Bambu Slicer not have a measure tool?!? Please implement this…

Another bump, I could really use it right now


Obviously we need a way to measure


Just another reason to use Orca Slicer…