Measure feature in Studio

Would like to see the measuring tool similar to the prusa slicer measuring tool with the ability to edit distance. Currently if I need, for instance, the object’s inner walls to be a certain distance from each other I’ll import it to prusa slicer, make the mods, and export it as a .3mf then import it to the bambu studio slicer and work on the rest of the needed mods. It would be nice to do this all in one slicer.


Definitely need this function


Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. It can be quite cumbersome to switch between different slicers just to make simple modifications like adjusting distances. Having a measuring tool similar to the one in Prusa Slicer within Bambu Studio Slicer would definitely make things a lot easier. It would save time and streamline the entire process by allowing users to make all the necessary modifications in a single slicer. Hopefully, the developers will take note of this suggestion and consider implementing it in future updates…


This feature is super important.
I am getting a model that is the correct overall size, but the interior features - holes and notches, are the wrong size.
I want to check and see what size it thinks it should be printing.


How long until this is implemented? Doesn’t seem like it would be that challenging; it’s just capturing 2 vectors and calculating the distance between them and drawing it on screen somewhere.


Another bump for what should be a simple feature add on. Please don’t be like Autodesk where we’re asking for simple features 10 plus years later.

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Bumping as well. This is a no brainer.

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Yes please! Got to have the measure tool. Thanks!


wow… yes this would be a great feature.

very needed feature indeed

thanks for posting this. downloaded 1.8.0 in both studio and orca and was kinda hoping to see some progress… will wait for 1.9

anywayz, the slicer still rocks and I’m glad for what it does give me :wink:

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Yesss, i really hope they do this… would be a major W for bambu… i would finally be able to completely remove cura then!

thanks for this tip. I’m new and need to size up something. downloaded prusa, sized it up and export. tried to save as but that doesn’t work.

+1 for this feature.
I keep Prusa Slicer for 2 things only - measurement and printing with different extruders (simulating them for calibration only)

Come on Bambu, we need this feature built into the Bambu Studio slicer please.

+1 for this feature please Bambu :slight_smile:

Measure and cut now in OrcaSlicer 1.9.0 alpha.


100% MUST HAVE! I actually cant believe this is not already sorted.

+1 very needed!! Super basic feature